Tacticool Support Codes and Tips

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Tacticool Support Codes

We’re always adding new free content and discounts to our website, which means you have more ways to save money. If you’d like to play more and spend less money, we’ve compiled a list of Tacticool support codes for free in-game rewards like silver. To save money, get all your Tacticool codes here

Tacticool Support Codes 2022

The list of all working Tacticool support codes is given below

  • D-TACTICOOL – Rewards: 10K silver
  • FB-TACTICOOL – Rewards: 10K silver
  • LUNARCOOL – Rewards: Random
  • ALFABRAVO – Rewards: 20,000 silver
  • INSTAPROFIT – Rewards: 20,000 silver
  • BL-AAFV-MDEQ – Rewards: 45,000 silver
  • DQ-ACHZ-JYFM – Rewards: 40,000 silver
  • BQ-ACJA-UUKE – Rewards: 40,000 silver
  • BQ-ACSB-CQEQ – Rewards: 40,000 silver
  • BQ-ACJC-ZMDB – Rewards: 40,000 silver
  • BQ-ACJC-MFEE – Rewards: 40,000 silver
  • BQ-ACJE-TZYH – Rewards: 40,000 silver
  • BQ-ACJF-LQCJ – Rewards: 40,000 silver
  • BQ-ACJG-NLZU – Rewards: 40,000 silver
  • BQ-ACJH-UZVM – Rewards: 40,000 silver
  • BQ-ACJM-PAWA – Rewards: 40,000 silver

Tacticool Promo Codes 2022

We provide a list of the current and most past Tacticool promotional codes that are currently available to take advantage of. You can use our list to find out what other players are getting from the code.

  • PZDB9MA47LT – Get exclusive rewards
  • ALSRASIAR – Get exclusive rewards
  • D-TACTICOOL – 10,000 silver
  • FB-TACTICOOL – 10,000 silver
  • BL-AAFV-MDEQ – 45,000 silver

redeem these Tacticool Codes as soon as possible because these are given for a specific period of time.

How to redeem Tacticool Support Codes?

If you want to find out how to redeem Tacticool Coupons then follow the instructions below.

  1. play the game
  2.  Tap on the settings icon and select ‘Games’.
  3. Now tap the right bar to access the game version option and tap on ‘Support Code’.
  4. Now hold any of the active Tacticool support code found in this list and paste it into the field that appears.
  5. Once you’ve entered your code, click on “Confirm” to claim your in-game rewards

tacticool codes

About Tacticool Game

Developed by the developers of GTA and Chinatown Wars, Tacticool brings you a realistic action-based shooter game that lets you shoot right from windows, break fences, loose wheels, or get stuck in a swamp. It offers players a realistic experience featuring cars, grenades, and a destructible environment. You can also use adrenaline to run faster, plant C4, control drones, and make various unique tactics.

If you love playing your favorite games, then you will like this one. There are many weapons in the game, including RPGs, pistols, and grenades. You can communicate with your friends using voice chat and even play against them. The game will allow you to play against real people all over the world.

If you own a smartphone, then Tacticool is a must-have app. You can download it from the Google Play store and Apple App Store. It is a tactical game that involves wits and tactics with several missions available on both platforms. The game provides a completely new experience for action-oriented gamers.

Tacticool Tips and Tricks


Be careful when you play; you should always beware of enemies, protect your allies, and watch out for yourself. Know where the enemy is and what they are doing so that you can help your team complete tasks. The more players on your side, the more likely it will be that one player can tackle opponents and gain points for their team.


The map has various access points. Control your escape routes and avoid damage from surprise attacks. If you don’t have a good view of the area, try using various buildings as cover to see what could be coming at you from a distance. Sometimes, taking a better position may make it so that enemies can’t attack effectively without putting themselves in danger or being seen.


To win a battle, you must analyze the situation thoughtfully and act calmly. Emotions will get you killed – if only for a moment.


You may notice the Airstrike Truck on the battlefield. It helps your team by shooting enemies and destroying whatever it sees as a threat. The truck is also good for hiding in buildings and not being spotted, because you can destroy walls to kill enemies sneakily and safely.The driver focuses on driving, while the gunner focuses on shooting. Just remember to use this advantage and not wait for an enemy sniper to begin firing at you first!


All Tacticool Codes including Tacticool support codes, tacticool redemption codes, tacticool gift codes and  Tacticool Tips and other codes will be available soon. On this page, we are update codes regularly. You’ll come to bigmodapk.com on a daily basis to check for new game gift codes and upcoming game codes, which we’ll provide here for free prizes.


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