Summertime Saga Cheat Codes 2022

Summertime Saga is an adult dating simulator game. Summertime Saga is being developed by Indie studio DarkCookie. This game currently contains phonic speech and two likable side characters. The protagonist, Mike, who’s father just died and left him with a massive debt and much schoolwork to complete. Luckily you have some friends to help you out along the way.

The point of Summertime Saga is to complete quests; however, it can be challenging because you don’t know what to do. With Summertime Saga, you can experience the thrill of being just like in the summer vacation. Everything that happens during this event is here. Make friends, find love, do work you never have before. Keep on reading and following the instructions to complete what you want. Summertime Saga contains certain narratives that are connected. Follow these tips if you want Summertime Saga cheat codes.

Summertime Saga Cheat Codes—March 2022

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Summertime Saga Tips & Tricks

Sleep if you’re stuck.

If you’re stuck, sleep progression in some stories is sometimes trapped behind the passage of time. If you’re having trouble getting your plot going, do something different for a while and get some sleep. Tasks might easily take a whole day or even a weekend to accomplish. Don’t assume the game is broken until you’ve given it enough time to discover out what’s wrong.

Pay attention to the people in the story.

The answer to your question is almost always hidden in the conversation. If you’re still stumped, go back to the character and ask them again. They might be able to provide you advice on where to look or what you should do.

Don’t go to sleep

The days of Summertime Saga are separated into three time slots: morning, afternoon, and evening. All of these time periods will allow us to accomplish various tasks, and most goals demand you to complete them within a specific amount of time, thus sleeping excessively may cause you to lose out on your entire day and waste a considerable amount of time.

Even if finding something to do in the nights is challenging, you can participate in rap fights or play computer games to help you boost your numbers.

Make some money

You must not only save money for college, but you must also earn money in order to complete the game’s several quest lines.

You’ll usually require a few hundred dollars to purchase a gift for a friend or an item necessary to advance the storyline. Playing money-making minigames with your coworkers can also help you advance quest lines.

Boost Your Numbers

Your stats are vital for continuing questlines and doing well in school, and getting them up as soon as possible will save you time in the game by eliminating backtracking.

If you see a red check in the wording of a quest, such as [STR], it means you need to work on that stat more before continuing.

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