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Storyscape MOD apk


Storyscape Mod Apk– An application for android which players to play role of a writer. Here everything can be alter by a single choice. Users can play on their own choice.

You are a famous writer here. You have to write stories. End of legendary stories depend on your right decision. You decide, and make the right decisions with your decision-making authority. A series of famous stories are given to you, and you are the protagonist in each one of them. You write your own destiny, and focus at each decision to make the story much more attractive, if not entertaining. The game is up to you. It’s a role playing game. If you love role playing games keep reading this article and to get more click here.

App NameStoryscape
Updated04 september 2021
Requirements5.0 & up
Get it onGoogle Playstore

About game

Storyscape Apk is created by FoxNext Games Development Team. The team’s goal for creating games like Storyscape was intended to unite advanced technologies with neat storylines to create an intriguing space for your entertainment and entertainment of your family and friends. Our finest developers made this possible. They put captivating characters, epic tales that will keep the gamers at the edge of their seats, visual effects, game styles, twists that add excitement and interesting dialogues in the game characters’ speeches.

Their shows present diverse characters, yet each character has a unique appeal that makes them one of a kind. They create a space where Dark fantasies, action, and romantic comedies stay together.

Storyscape APK carries the best fiction and nonfiction stories ever seen on mobile, bringing together cinema and literature to a new level. Each story is full of mysteries to solve, secrets to uncover, and intriguing revelations to encounter. Above all, they believe in reaching out to wider spectrum of audiences.

This platform is designed to experience storytelling in  a cinematic environment. This game was designed by some industry’s finest minds and is sure to appeal to the masses.

Gameplay of Storyscape Mod Apk

The RPG Storyscape is a new app for Android devices that redefines the RPG genre through its strategic moves and features. The game allows you to play anywhere and give you the most of your time while on the street, in transportation place, or at any other location. Due to its simple controls, this title is easy to be operated with only one hand.

Storyscape MOD Apk is an android feature game where you have to unlock the book stories. The best thing about this mod apk game is you can get unlimited rubies, diamonds, and coins. You can also get gold and gems for free.

This is an collection of famous stories from around the world. Best stories in the world, like ROMANCE & LOVE. Horror, Drama and Adventure. All these stories are inside this product. Play it and you will never be bored again. Storyscape MOD apk is an amazing game for those who love being in the world of imagination. It can turn your android into a virtual reality. It takes you to the world beyond where you can do whatever you like. What’s more, there are more than one stories, which keep updating frequently.

Its display and interface is wonderful. Everything play smoothly without any interference. The story play perfectly also. On the right side of this app there is menu bar. Menu contains many options for you to choose.

Popular Stories

There are many stories in the gameplay. One of the most popular story is storyscape Titanic. Another popular story is Storyscape Eternal City. The graphics are very pretty, and the game has various kinds of fascinating events, so players can feel comfortable while playing.

Storyscape allows writers to become characters in their own stories, and gives players a chance to change history one final time. You can interact with famous stories throughout history, and make the final decisions about the fate of various characters. Storyscape simulates the Titanic, as well as Shakespearean plays like Hamlet and Macbeth . You can recreate history or create your own adventure.

Storyscape MOD apk

Play new episodes

There are multiple storylines. You have to choose any story of your choice from the storylines. Select a story and explore the world, meet hilarious characters, and unlock new items, powers, and features as you go. There are new surprises , different challenges and new unique settings. Each story is unique and having endless adventure.

Categories of stories

Storyscape Apk is collection of interesting and famous stories. The categories are:

Love stories

Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you enjoy seeing characters fall in love? Love Stories is for you, with its colorful palette of characters living their lives and trying to find happiness. Love stories depict the love lives of a few people. If you select a character and keep choosing different choices in the dialogues, a unique story will be generated. It depends on your selections!

Romantic stories

Young love is often romantic. There stories are full of romance, love and feelings. There are many different kinds of romance novels whether they’re historical or young adult. The characters in romance stories usually face some type of conflict or trials but eventually the love is true and they runaway together at the end, leaving all the other characters wondering if they should follow suit. These kind of stories seem attractive to players.

Horror stories

Horror stories are associated with the horror films. Their gameplay is horror. You have to play the game at night and complete it. In this horror story gameplay you will face different monsters and supernatural creatures.

Adventure stories

Adventure is must in romantic stories. In romantic settings adventure stories are popular, this make the game natural. Players take part in such adventures. if There are problems they choose between two or more solutions to that problem.

Action/Dramatic stories

Action stories are associated with the actions or dramatic films. This game is designed to help YOU become one of the characters as you read your favorite story!

Storyscape MOD apk

Mod features of Storyscape

Choose your own options

Storyscape mod apk gives you control to choose your favourite character’s fortunes. The viewers will be feel entertertained and excited with the love, romance, betrayal and revenge in the stories. Every week new stories uploaded , so you will enjoy new stories every time.

Attractive content

Storyscape MOD apk contains the whole world for you. It has a lot of interesting stories, which will amuse you a lot. In addition, there is adventure and action in these stories! Similarly, all the stories contain emotions, drama and action. Thus, it is a real thing that attracts people to it. Everyone can find something interesting and new in this application.

Events unlocked

The Storyscape Modded APK is designed for players who want to unlock any event. it allows you to unlock all events without purchasing keys And it will be really convenient for you.

A bold approach to classic tales

Create and customize your character, build relationships, love interests, and narratives unique to you in parallel to the Epic storyscape Titanic storyline. Build new plots, fall in love with other characters or live different outcomes through multiple play throughs. Become an active participant in the story as it unfolds.  Irresistibly Immersive Storyline – Because every choice matters, fans will experience a different pathway through the game while exploring more than 20 years of storyscape Titanic history and multiple storylines that follow the lives of more than 10 supporting characters.

Unexpected events

The Storyscape MOD version activates a different level of gameplay that involves unexpected events. These unexpected events are triggered randomly and could make the player progress in the game. The player should go through a series of challenges that could involve enemies, traps and difficulties that makes the player feel hard-pressed to survive in the game.

Happy or sad mood

The storyscape MOD offers stories based on the gameplayer’s mood. For example, when you are happy and content with life, you choose the happy mod – a hopeful and upbeat story that makes you feel good. When you’re sad and lonely, your stories are filled with sadness and low-spiritedness. The choices are yours to make, so be happy and enjoy your MOD!

Immersive story

Storyscape is the most immersive and innovative interactive version of classic literature ever created. Through the use of different paths, available only to the player, Storyscape has over one million different ways to read and play a single book. You can explore the Greek myth of Orpheus, travel into the heart of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, or fight in an epic battle of Macbeth. Each play-through can take minutes or hours depending on how much and what you choose to read.

Unabridged version

You wouldn’t believe what you’ll discover when this series uncovers the action behind ancient myths and legends. Meet heroes, monsters, gods and goddesses in stories that are so wild they’re not for kids. This compelling series reveals all the uncensored events at every stage of our culture.

Play your way

You can play as a character in depression or a happy one. It allow you to experience what it’s like to be depressed. You are on your own in this game. There are two modes to choose from, depending on whether you play alone or you play with your spouse/someone else. Many options let you customize the game. Your choices don’t have to be either good or bad, but more often than not certain choices will cause more sadness than others. In the first part of the second game, feelings of joy and sadness through various pains will clash against each other.

Interesting conversation

A new method of interaction with the characters, which makes them seem more realistic. The player character has a cursor in its eyes to help him focus on any points he wants to choose. If players see any amount of information on the dialogue box when playing, this will be enough for them to find options they want.

Multiple Characters with different personalities.

Each and every character in a game has his own story with which you can identify. The art of communication is the key to success in this captivating game, and you will be rewarded for your efforts with new friends, valuable information and interesting side quests. Not to mention lots of unexpected twists!

MOD apk

Mod features

  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Get unlimited tickets
  • You can customize your story
  • All levels unlocked
  • Free of cost
  • Totally safe & secure
  • Auto-update available
  • No root require to install this Mod Apk
  • Easy to install the mod file

Download & install

  • Uninstall the previous app if you have
  • Click the download button below
  • The file start downloading
  • Go to your device setting and enable “allow installation from unknown resources”
  • Go to File manager > Go to downloads > find the downloaded file
  • Open the file
  • Extract the files
  • Press install
  • The file will be installed successfully.
  • Click “open”
  • Play & enjoy unlimited features.


Storyscape Mod Apk is an android app that brings stories to life by creating an ecosystem of media allow you to read stories. It is a role-playing game. Storyscape includes a stories section, an infograph section, 4D motion gameplay and a music box for memorizing and storytelling. You will really enjoy this game.

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