Download Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK v1.0.10

SShadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK is a premium edition of NEKKI’s popular fighting game with a new storyline. In this game, you will play as Sensei, and your goal is to defeat and free the realm of the Shadows from foes by fighting alongside Titan. Travel to new places with an eastern flavour. Many new features will appeal to fans of the first installment

Shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk

It’s one of my favourite RPG-action games for mobile devices. There are two versions: free and premium. The free version offers you access to the basic gameplay, while the premium version allows you access to other features like the Shadow Arena, infinite gaming in the Shadow Labyrinth, extra characters, and combat-ready gear.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK is a fighting game in which the player must defeat Titan and put a stop to his heinous crimes. The player must be the only one capable of completing this type of mission. The player must engage in epic battles, collect weapons, mix and match clothes, and increase his combat skills. The controls are simple to use, and the graphics and sound effects are of excellent quality. Now it’s the player’s turn to confront Titan and put an end to his torment. The Gates of Shadows are waiting for a daring adventurer to come along and save them from a nasty intruder from another dimension! Discover a fascinating blend of two of the most popular game genres in the world: fighting and role-playing games.

The plot

The tale in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition is the same as in Shadow Fight 2, with the exception of the Old Wounds story. The primary character is a young Sensei in the storey.

One day, Sensei came upon Shogun warriors who were attempting to capture the Prince by accident. He fought them and defeated them. The shogun was furious. He quickly enlisted the help of ninja and taught them to stage an overthrow.

Weapons and items

You must equip your avatar with the best weapons and equipment throughout the game. The weaponry is extremely diverse. Kusari-gama, Shuriken, or Kunai can be used in place of the Kanata sword. Each class provides a distinct advantage in combat. If you wish to defeat the adversary, learn the advantages and cons of each weapon.

In Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition, you can also improve your equipment. This procedure uses a significant amount of coins and jewels. They will, however, increase the character’s defence, health, and power.

Combat abilities

Fighting skills, in addition to equipment, are extremely crucial. As Sensei progresses, he will get new abilities.


When you play the game, you will take on the role of a young Sensei. Your aim is to defeat the Shogun’s men and foil his terrible plot.

Shadow, a Demon Realm warrior, perishes after unintentionally unleashing the Gates of Shadows. Shadow sets out on a journey to re-capture all of the demons who have been unleashed into the living realm. His voyage will be lengthy and dangerous. Along the journey, he follows his master’s orders and gradually reclaims his Shadow’s power. Once healed, the Shadow renders him impervious to physical attack and allows him to wield his master’s particular shadow skills. Shadow must choose whether he will succeed in this final mission or vanish forever, now that he is powerful enough to fight the most powerful demons and seal the Gates for all time.

Shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk


In general, the material and gameplay of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition are comparable to that of its predecessor. The basic weapon system is given to the character. In each chapter, you will play in stages, attempting to vanquish the enemy and progress to new material.

The difficulty will steadily rise as well. There are more adversaries, and they are even more agile and powerful than before. Sensei has a secret weapon that he can use to launch attacks from afar. He also has a powerful ability that deals a lot of damage.

What’s In Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition offers some additional features compared to the original edition, like the removal of adverts and energy aspects to limit your gameplay.

For starters, the equipment is less expensive. Second, accomplishing tasks or an unique level in the game might earn you diamonds and money. Third, the catalogue of equipment has been updated to include a variety of new and improved models, including armor and weaponry. The free version does not include them. The character can gain stronger as a result of these, allowing him to execute challenging missions.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition also includes new maps and improved graphical quality. While playing, you will have a better sense of clarity.

Features Of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

Unlimited supply of energy

The special edition comes with unlimited energy, allowing you to get the most out of the game.

The Tale of Sensei

In Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition, there includes a new storey chapter called “Old Wounds.” Play through a dramatic plot and learn about the sensei’s dark background!

There are no advertisements in this game

There are no adverts in the latest version of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK. You can concentrate on the game without being distracted.

Weapons and accoutrements

A wide range of weapons are available in the game. Kusari-gama, Shuriken, or Kunai can be used in place of the Kanata sword. Each weapon has a distinct advantage in battle, therefore it’s a good idea to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of each. In Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod APK, you may also improve your equipment; this will cost you a lot of gold and diamonds, but it will offer your character more defence, health, and strength.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD Apk Features

  • There is no advertisement
  • Limitless Energy
  • You do not have to wait for your energy to be recovered before playing this game again.
  • A new tale chapter will expose the truth about Sensei’s past.
  • Throughout the Acts, the memories of Sensei, the principal character, are gradually disclosed.
  • Without having to grind for levels, complete the storey mode.
  • Equip yourself with a wide range of weapons and gear. Build a strong arsenal by acquiring gems via battle.
  • Travel through seven regions and frighten the Titan.
  • The game’s controls are straightforward and simple to use.
  • Touch screen devices are supported by the game’s controls. Shadow Fight 2 is simple to learn and play, yet challenging to master.
  • Stunning animations and a one-of-a-kind design.
  • During your initial sign-in, you must have an internet connection to utilize the application.
  • In most game variants, players can earn rubies as a prize.
  • It takes no time at all to upgrade your equipment.
  • To unlock weapon bosses, you must defeat all of the game’s bosses.
  • Gold can be used to boost the effectiveness of weapons, notably boss weapons.
  • As a character’s talents grow, so does the amount of enchantment on his or her equipment.
  • Upon successful completion of specific tasks, rewards will be made available.

Shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk

Shadow Fight 2 vs Shadow Fight 2 Special edition

We will discuss the difference between Shadow fight 2 and Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition. The video games are part of the same series. There are numerous parallels between the two versions, but there are also some variances. The following is a list of what the Special Edition includes:

  • Monk, Tempest, Typhoon of Spirits, and Sentinel Sets are not included in the Special Edition.
  • There is no multiplayer mode.
  • The special edition comes without any of the typical extras like tickets, orbs, or enchantments.
  • “Old Wounds,” a new storey mode in Shadow Fight 2, is included in the Special Edition. It’s a storey about Sensei and his background. This new narrative is not included in the free version!
  • The Special Edition of this game, like the Free Version, is free of ads.
  • The Special Edition comes with an endless amount of energy.
  • Players can get special limited edition equipment in the Special Edition version of the game.
  • Some equipment is less expensive than the available free equivalents.
  • In the Special Edition, players gain more rewards, and certain modes award both cash and gems.
  • Equipment can be upgraded with gems and money, although the maximum level of equipment in the Special Edition is two instead of four.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mega Mod Apk

We had to tweak sections of the Mega Mod several times in order to make it as good as possible. After numerous tries and errors, we were able to finish the Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mega Mod APK and bring it to you in the best possible condition. Unlimited coins, gems, tickets, and orbs are included in our Special Edition Apk MOD Hack, allowing you to purchase anything in the game. Enchantment items have also been added!

There are no limits to the amount of Gems and Coins you can earn

APK for Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Infinite Gems and Coins & Mega Mod grants you an unlimited supply of Gems and Coins, which you may spend on anything you want, including weapons, armors, and skills. It is virus-free and extremely safe to use.

Maximum Capacity (Level 52 & Level 99)

The Titan Mod APK and Mega Mod for Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition have reached their maximum level! You can reach Max Level 52 with a Mod APK, and you can reach Max Level 99 with a Mega Mod APK.

There has been no progress in the game

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod APK comes with 0% in-game progress, allowing you to simply defeat your opponent and gain 100% progress.

Get an endless supply of energy

Unlimited energy is included in these both APKs (MOD & Mega MOD).

In the Special Edition, all Acts and Maps are unlocked

Every Act and map have been unlocked, as well as infinite amounts of Free Energy, Unlimited Cash, and Max Level.

Obtain a Wide Range of Weapons

All of the game’s weapons, armour, and items are included in this mega mod APK.

Enchantments of all kinds

Enchantment in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk includes an infinite quantity of materials.

Updates are simple

Users may quickly upgrade their mods to the most recent version of our software without losing their game progress or experiencing update issues. Users can also obtain regular game updates and download the mod directly to their phone from our website.

Information of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mega Mod Apk

  • Obtain an unlimited number of credits
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Level 99 Maximum
  • Energy unlimited
  • Get Unlimited Tickets and Orbs
  • Weapons of all kinds, armour, and ranged weapons
  • This is where all of the Acts and Maps are unlocked

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mega Mod Apk Features

The Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Menu APK is full of goodies that may be used to unlock all of the game’s stuff. It contains a Cheat Menu that may be used to add an unlimited quantity of in-game currency (coins, gems, and credits). You can also level up your character and unlock all of the game’s items, including weapons, armour, magic, ranged weapons, and all sets. You can also clear your progress in the game.

Download Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition (Free Mod Apk & Mega Mod Apk)

To download and install Shadow fight 2 Special Edition MOD & Mega MOD follow these steps

  • Uninstall the previous app if you have
  • Click the download button below
  • The file start downloading
  • Go to your device setting and enable “allow installation from unknown resources”
  • Go to File manager > Go to downloads > find the downloaded file
  • Open the file
  • Extract the files
  • Press install
  • The file will be installed successfully.
  • Click “open”
  • Play & enjoy

There are numerous benefits and drawbacks of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition. It is the game’s premium edition, however it is lacking in many features and game modes. In addition, the paid edition of the game receives updates later than the free version. There may be a better version for you if you want to play Sensi’s storey mode but don’t want to watch commercials. Overall, Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK is a fantastic mobile combat game with unique gameplay.


Q: Is it possible to get Shadow Fight Special Edition MOD APK for free?
Yes, it is completely free and requires no payment to download, but there are certain in-game items that require real money to acquire.
Q: Is killing Titan in Shadow Fight Special Edition difficult?
No, killing Titan is not difficult; it all depends on your abilities and weaponry.
Q: Is it necessary to have an Internet connection in order to play Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK?
Yes, it is an online game that requires Internet access to play.

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