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mini militia mod apk


Mini Militia Mod Apk is a famous multiplayer battle game. Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Apk is interesting and fun at same time. It is highly addictive game, once you start playing you will continue to play for hours without getting bore. This game is totally based upon doodles. Its specialty of this game. There are doodle characters in the game; you will enjoy interesting shooting experience with these doodles. Its all about surviving in jungle, finding different weapons, finding maps & fly with nitro bombs. There are many more interesting features.

Mini Militia Mod APK hack is the most popular game in the world! A large number of players on the Internet and all over the world.  You will control a variety of robots with different weapons in your mission to save this planet, there are a lot of levels and planes, armor, and cars that are waiting for you to explore. Upgrade your weapons, get achievements and unlock further profound levels! Mini Militia Mod APK is a very popular shooting game, so it’s necessary to upgrade equipment here: unlock guns, strengthen shields and improve other characteristics. After receiving all these rewards for victories on various planets you’ll gain even more opportunities to conquer new planets and achieve higher ranks.

App NameMini Militia Mod APK
Size 43MB
Latest Version v5.3.7
MOD Features unlimite everything
Content Rating 4.1
Requires 4.4 & up
Update 06 jan 2021

Doodle Characters

Doodle characters are in this game. Cute doodle characters are here. This game is about fighting and killing enemies. The cute doodles fight with each other.


This game is of battle and fighting & war zones. In mini militia apk The doodle characters fight with each other, holding guns in their hands. You are also a doodle in the game. You fight against your enemy doodle and by killing your enemy doodle you will win the game.


The game is having 2D graphics. The game looks interesting with this display. The 2D characters and 2D things look good.


This game is available free. You don’t need to pay anything. All free features are provided in mod apk hack for free.


There are different numbers of locations present in game. You can choose your location from map and play where-ever you want to play. You can fight at the place of your choice.


A variety of weapons are present in the game. Some are available free while some are locked. You can choose weapons of your choice to battle. All weapons are unlocked in this mod version.

No security threats

There is no threat in downloading and installing the game. The game is also virus free. There is no risk of worms or malware in your android while installing or playing game.

Highly Addictive game

Mini militia apk is highly addictive to play. Players can play this game for hours without getting tired & bored. You will enjoy playing it.


The game has anti-ban feature . You will never be banned for using modified version of mini militia

Pro Pack Mod

In mini militia apk there are some features which are locked. In order to use those features you will have to pay for them. That’s why its name is Pro Pack (professional pack). You will have to pay around $5 to unlock the pro features. But don’t worry we will provide you all pro features totally free in mini militia mod apk hack. The features that are locked and you will get for free are:

  • Avator skins unlocked
  • Online unlocked content
  • Sniper rifle
  • You can carry 2 guns at a time
  • Rocket launcher unlocked
  • Pro weapons unlocked

mini militia mod apk

Mini militia mod apk

Here is selection of the most popular modifications for mini militia. All these little mods will make the game a lot more enjoyable. You will get all paid features for free. In mod version all pro pack features are unlocked. You will get unlimited battle points in mod version. You can use these battle points to buy anything from mini militia store. In mod version you don’t have to buy Pro Pack , you will get all pro features free here. You don’t need to spent your even a single penny. Here is pro unlocked mode for you. Download mini militia pro pack hack for free.

Mod features

In mod version you will get unlimited health , ammo and nitro

  • Unlimited health

Health is the player life in mini militia. Health appears in the upper corner. When the player damage with bullet attacks or electic shock attacks, player lost its life. But now you don’t need to worry about health. Now no player can kill you. In mini militia you will get unlimited health.

  • Unlimited ammo

Ammo are the bullets of the guns. There are limited ammo for each gun you pick up. When ammo finish you can’t kill other players , they will kill you and you lost your life. But in mini militia mod apk don’t worry about ammo. You will get unlimited ammo. Shoot as much bullets as you can and kill your enemy.

mini militia mod apk

  • Unlimited nitro

In mini militia there is a feature of flying. You can fly where you want. But there is limited nitro and you cannot fly when nitro ends. Nitro refill after some time. But in mini militia mod apk there is unlimited nitro for you. You don’t need to worry about nitro and fly freely. With nitro you can escape from enemy quickly

  • Unlimited Money/ Battle points

In mod version there are unlimited battle points & unlimited money. You can buy anything from store and upgrade your weapons.

Unlimited Money

  • Unlocked special avatars mod

There are avatars in the game. Other player’s avatars might be impress you , meanwhile your avatars are boring and simple. But don’t worry now you will get access to all avatars in mini militia mod apk. You can customize your avatar. All outlook features also unlocked here with health and battle points.

Unlimited Money

Other Mini Militia Mod Apks

The Mini Militia Mod Apks are:

  • GOD mod
  • Wall hack mode
  • Unlimited nitro mod
  • All in one mod
  • Pro pack mod
  • mega mod
  • mortal mod
  • unlimited health mod
  • immortal mod
  • CFT
  • Ultra mod
  • Unlimited Amo mod
  • One shot kill mod
  • Unlimited money

Advantages and disadvantages


Doodle Army 2 mini militia mod apk have following amazing advantages:

  • It contain all locked features for free.
  • You don’t have to pay a single peny for features.
  • Anti-ban feature is available here. Your game will never be baned
  • No root require to install this game
  • This is Highly addictive and enjoyable for players


The game sometimes gets slow. People complain that game stuck sometime and become slow.


Doodle army man lost in the jungle with enemies all around loaded with weapons. Gameplay is classic yet interesting. You can enjoy all the fun-filled adventures of a soldier when you are armed with weapons in every possible way. This game is different from the other army games that we have been witnessing over the last few years since it has unique-styled graphics, unbelievable mod features and festive surroundings.

Unlimited Money

Connected to internet

The game gives 2 options to play. Both options need internet connectivity to play.

  1. Quick to play”
  2. Play Online”

Quickplay game

The quickplay game mod gives you faster gaming session. Once you choose the game mode and map, it will show you a list of players that will enter this game. When the game is going live, you will play with 6 random players from all over the world.

Play online

In Play online game mode you need to connect internet. This mode has 3 sub modes

  1. Free for all
  2. Team death match
  3. Custom game
  • Free for all

This mode is free for all. In this mode you don’t need to make team you just need to start the game and start playing with random players.

  • Team death match

Team death match is the best mode in mini militia. It is fun for all players and you feel excited in this mode. In this mode players make teams and play against each other. Random players are also present here that play in random server. This option is also in mini militia mod apk.

Unlimited Money

  • Custom game

In this mode you can join any random server of your choice. The server are “new player America server” and “battle zone America server”. Its all dependent on you whether you choose which server. Its all upon your priority.

Random players can join server of their own choice and can also ask their friends to join that specific server and play together

Play with friends

If you want to play with your specific friends who stay in any other city , you can do this! Yeah its possible. This mode is for you to play with your friends who are away from you. Add your friends in server and start playing. For this you have to login via Google play or Facebook

Play Offline (without internet connectivity)

If you have no internet connectivity don’t worry you can also play in this situation. Offline mode is available for you. The option is display as “practice (local)

Add friends on Mini Militia (LAN WIFI)

To play game with your friends, cousins, fellows all together you all need to connect all devices with hotspot of one phone. That phone will be the host. After doing this they all see option to join game otherwise cannot be visible. Maximum 12 players can join the game with host. Press ready button and game will be started

Download mini militia hack Apk

Follow these steps to download mini militia hack download

  • Click the download button below
  • The file start downloading
  • Go to your device setting and enable “allow installation from unknown resources”
  • Go to File manager > Go to downloads > find the downloaded file
  • Open the file
  • Press install
  • The file will be installed successfully.
  • Click “open”
  • Play & enjoy unlimited features.


Mini Militia Mod Apk is a great game to play. It is enjoyable and brilliant. This game can be played by people of all age groups and enjoyed by all. I love this game and you will also love its amazing features and gameplay. Download mini militia hack and enjoy!

Demo Video


How do I download mods for mini militia?
Go to htps:// and download mods file from there
What is mini militia Pro Pack?
Mini militia pro pack is the premium version of original game. It include all premium features.
How to play mini militia mod apk?
It is a survival game with 2D graphics. You will have to pick up weapons and kill your enemies and defend yourself. Here is a video for how to play
Can I play mini militia in PC?
Is Mini Militia available for Windows Phone?
Unfortunately you cannot play on windows phone
Is BlueStacks a virus?
No it is an android emulator and is legal

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