Minecraft MOD APK (Full Premium) Unlocked Android

Introduction to Minecraft Pe:

Minecraft mod apk is a great game to play . it is world’s best selling sandbox independent video game. Minecraft originally created by Swedish programmer Markus ‘’Notch’’ person and developed and published by Swedish company Mojang later. Download minecraft mod apk and enjoy endless entertainment in a great world and create whatever you want in that massive world.

Minecraft is a biggest and famous game of all times so it does not need introduction to the people. It was released almost a decades ago and people are known to it.

Minecraft is basically about building everything by placing blocks and start adventure.

Minecraft Mod Apk

App NameMinecraft-Pocket Edition
Updated15 Dec 2021
Mod FeaturesUnlimited items unlocked
RequirementsAndroid 5.0
Package namecom.mojang.minecraftpe
Get It OnPlaystore

Minecraft-pocket edition

Minecraft pocket edition is a universal app. You have to pay and play for it.

The minecraft pe features two game modes: survival and creative. The survival mode creates a scenario where you have to gather resources to live by the laws of nature. This gives you an open-ended experience to do what you will. Play minecraft there are infinite worlds, new biomes, caves, mobs, villages and lots more.


Story of minecraft

Minecraft pe is a first-person game that has no specific goal, allowing the players to play in their own way. The game features an open world with multi-player capabilities. It offers a range of features such as randomly generated mobs, items and natural objects; realistic graphics and a wide range of environments for the players to enjoy.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition gives you the freedom to explore alone or with friends as you embark on an epic adventure to save the world!


Create your minecraft world

Minecraft pe is one of the best gaming platforms, which are enjoyed by so many users from all around the world. Within this game, you can explore randomly generated worlds. Minecraft earth is composed of blocks of various kinds, like stone, dirt and trees. You are free to collect resources in these worlds and use these resources to craft new items like swords and pickaxes for fighting wild animals and monsters or build some of the prettiest buildings in this compact game.

Night time is the most dangerous time in Minecraft earth. Monsters will be wandering around looking for blocks of houses, so you have to play faster because it is easier to build if you have a light source. Therefore, you should wake up at sunrise and start making items then use them to build.

minecraft apk mod

Customize your world freely

You are in your own world of minecraft earth. Customize your world freely. You can change and make different items like summon mobs. It gives you the ability to build different blocks in a 3D world, requiring creativity from players. In this game, it is your job to build shelter, create weapons and tools, grow food and explore your world.

Do you want to change the world? Then start by changing the blocks! Play with Minecraft like never before and swap out Steve for new skin packs, texture packs, mash-up packs, mini game maps and more! Add-ons work with your current version of Minecraft pe and are available for Mac, Windows 10, Xbox One and mobile devices.

minecraft mod

Access maps and find resources

You all will have access to the endless map. Play minecraft roam through the map and find different places and kinds of resources. Collect the resources. You will find resources like food, trees, animals, crafting items and different kinds of ores which are valuable for you.

Craft & create items

Use the features of crafting and craft and create different kinds of items. The crafting feature enables you to create all kinds of items such as tools, weapons, walls, and even contraptions. You can use them in the creation of your house and fort. With amazing items and materials available, you are sure to create amazing building structures. You can play around and have fun creating stuffs in the game, engaging in battles against monsters and coming up with weapons to defeat those who are formidable to you. Make useful tools like weapons, armor to survive in the wilderness while trying to survive inclement weather and natural calamities by building houses and make shelters from gathered materials like wood, stone, gold, coal, etc.



You can choose between different game modes. The game has a detailed rating system and competitive leaderboards to show how you rank around the world. You can see how the characters in the game look like in real life, thanks to team Mojang’s creativity. You can also use Minecraft games to play with your friends in a multiplayer mode

minecraft pe

Game modes

Survival mode

The player will have to fight monster, craft and find food and have to find shelter to stay alive. To attack with a weapon, the players need to harvest resources to craft the weapon at first. When we kill animals or monsters, he can gain experience points and minerals like iron… And use it on armor or weapons. The higher his level is, we won’t die so easily. We can choose buildings to sleep in or in caves for a better sleep and will restore our health faster than sleeping in the open air.

Creative mode

Creative Mode is an easy and simple way to enjoy Minecraft. In this mode, players can build without limits, so you can build the world of your dreams. You will not be attacked by monsters in this mode. You can enter this mode using the command or dying with a bucket of water/lava.

Super-hard mode

Super-Hard Mode: the difficulty of this mode is relatively high, many enemies are added, all kinds of difficulty will have to face some, plus more dangerous location. Work is a normal day’s work, it would be better for players to feel like real life in some small details (absolutely no cheating) . After all, most of the game on the 360 can’t feel like real life.

Other modes are


You can start and enjoy the game and play with friends in multiplayer mode. You can  create your own world, battle the mob, challenge the enemies, and discover your own stories.



If you want privacy play realms. Realm is the private server hosted by Mojang. Play with 10 friends cross-platform on Realms, your own world hosted by Mojang where you can bring your creations and minecraft worlds.


Finally big server is here! All of your friends are already playing on community-hosted Minecraft servers. Why aren’t you? Discover unique gameplay, add new friends, and join new worlds full of great communities every day. Set up powerful groups with your friends, and navigate massive servers together. Together with your friends, discover new types of games within servers and customize servers to create your own gaming experience. Minecraft Mod Apk Unlimited Items is more fun when played with others, so log on today!


From epic map customizations to new weapons, and even your own character skins, the Marketplace has everything you need to trick out your game. Search for your favorite creators by name, or simply browse for something that catches your eye. Once you find what you want, the marketplace makes it easy to add content from multiple creators at once. Feed your inner creativity and get ahead of the game by adding new items to that next big match.

pocket edition

Minecraft Free to play

Minecraft is totally free to play


Minecraft all things are made up of 3D cubes with various materials such as earth, stone, water, wood, ores, gold bones, chests and mushrooms. Not much sound when it is played but if the gamer played in multiplayer mode then he could listen to the sounds at the time of being hit by monsters or other players and when the player sticks a torch in the wall of a cave

minecraft pe


The sounds in this game really bring out the immersiveness factor, making it like you’re actually living inside of the Minecraft world.

Minecraft Mod Apk features

Minecraft unblocked all features are given:

License patched

Minecraft is a premium game and costs $7.49 to play. Minecraft mod apk is fully unlocked version with license patched and free to play

No damage

In Minecraft Mod Apk your character will get no damage if it fall from height or get injured by monsters. You can do anything without any fear

Unlocked all skins

All premium skins will be unlocked and available to use. You can customize your character with best skin. Now you don’t need to play for premium skins.

Texture unlocked

Minecraft is made up of blocks. The blocks are of different textures. Many textures are premium and  locked. In the Minecraft Apk Mod Premium textures are unlocked

Unlimited breath

When you are swimming in water you have to come to surface to refill your breath. You have limited breath. But in minecraft mod apk unlimited items you will get unlimited breath and you can swim freely without worrying about oxygen level and breath freely.

Disabled telemetry

Your data is shared and stored in Mojang Servers. But in  mod version you will get full privacy and telemetry will be disabled.

Unlimited furnace fire

Furnace is a utility block that allows you to cast items and blocks. In mod version you will get unlimited furnace fire.

Indestructible Tools

You earn and find and collect tools in Minecraft and added into your collection.  These tools become indestructible in mod version.

minecraft mod apk

How to download


Click the download button below


Go to your device setting and enable “Allow installation from unknown resources


Go to file manager > Go to downloads > Find the downloaded file


Install the file


Open and enjoy features of Minecraft Mod Apk Unlimited Items


In my opinion Minecraft is a great game to play. It is world’s best-selling sandbox independent video game.  In this game you make your own imaginary world with blocks. You can play with your friends and people all over the world. You will enjoy playing this game. Get unlimited features from this Mod Apk. . it is world’s best selling sandbox independent video game. . it is world’s best selling sandbox independent video game.

Demo video



Is the MOD APK version of Minecraft safe?
yes it is safe
How to experience the latest features?
while playing apk and creating your world  go to the Games section and activate features under “Experiment”.
Can I play with friends using PC or Xbox?
yes you can play with friends
What is the Minecraft Worlds folder on the phone?
That folder create your world. Do not delete that folder otherwise you will lost your world
I want to play more survival games, can you recommend me?
if you love this game try Roblox
I have problems playing Minecraft, how can I get help?
yes i will help you. you can also visit  Mojang’s Help Center
What is the difference between the regular version and the BETA version?
BETA version is just for experience. Your data will not save in it.
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