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H Hungry Shark Cheats: Hungry Shark World is an action-packed aquatic adventure .It’s good. Hungry Shark World is a game where you swim around under water, chomping down on other fish, humans and whatever you can find in the sea. Along the way, you level up your shark and buy new sharks. The more you eat and the more you upgrade your shark, the bigger your high score will be. Why would I want to play this game? If you are a fan of games with simple controls, then Hungry Shark World is perfect for you. It features satisfying sound effects as well as easy-to-master achievements and goals to keep you playing for hours.

Hungry Shark World is the sequel to Hungry Shark Evolution, another popular title available on the Google Play Store. Like its predecessor, this sequel features over 15 species of sharks (including the Megalodon), a 17-mission campaign mode, and an endless mode with its own rewards system. You can also customize your sharks with different accessories like hats, scarves, umbrellas, and more.

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Hungry shark cheats 2022 March

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  • I2ZwzvFudPERwKE                Get Food
  • Cm0plOUieEMzlzR               Gift box

Hungry Shark Tips & Tricks

Attempt To Hunter

A few jewels would look better on your crown. Try to Hunt is a great way to get extra gems without having to wait for your daily gift. If you tap the compass in the “Start” area, you can spin it and try to aim it at some treasure piles that are in the middle of the ocean. There are several spots, so don’t worry if you miss one!

Made Eating Easy

There are a lot of edible fish for your shark to devour! Control your shark to eat all of the fish without letting them touch your shark. There are a lot of fish out there! Make sure they don’t touch your shark or it will be game over. It’s easy to eat the prey in Hungry Shark world if you know how! You’ll need things like a bigger shark, fishy friends, pets, and other powerups to eat more prey and unlock more items. Collect powerful sharks, like the Grey Reef Shark and the Great White! Explore the ocean as 20 different sharks taking bites out of everything you can catch!

Sharks to Unlock

Once you feed your shark and help it grow to its maximum size, the next shark in the series will unlock, so you can continue to build your predator collection. Complete each level to discover new sharks and complete the Sharkpedia.

Protect yourself from Jelly Fish Stung

Sick of getting stung by Jelly Fish? Shield yourself from the intense sting of a Jelly Fish by purchasing an antidote. Only 100 coins!

Coins & bonus points

Go back to megalopolis and great whites (you must get gold rush to do that), then find the region of the ocean where you will be impervious to any attack, so sharks and mini-subs are no problem at all. However, you must earn gold rush in the process.

Discover sunked Items

In this underwater adventure game you control the ocean explorer. There are 15 hidden things to discover across the environment. When you identify them and go near them you will be rewarded with 10 points.

Upgrade Your Shark

In the game Hungry Shark World, you can upgrade your shark by eating special objects that randomly appear throughout the map. If you want to spend less time looking for convenient sharks and more time chasing them down, you should keep an eye out for some of these objects. Here’s how to find them.

Gold Rush Mode

Gold Rush Mode allows you to take advantage of a moment when you are invincible for the duration of the effect. Extra fish will spawn during this time, you may gain points by running into items that would typically injure you and your health meter will fill.

Gold Rush

The Gold Rush is a special event that only happens a few times a year. When you achieve a certain number of points in one day, you’ll receive a Gold Rush, which includes bonus coins and a points multiplier.

Flak Jacket

Keep your shark protected from explosions with the all new Flak Jacket only for 100 coins

Multipliers of Point

You can get a point multiplier by devouring a large number of animals in a short period of time.


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