The Grand Mafia Codes 2022 (Free diamonds & Gold)

G If you are looking for The Grand Mafia Codes 2022 then you are at right place. We have provided here all active and working new redemption codes. Redeem these the Grand Mafia Cheats and get free diamonds, building materials, speed-ups, gold, and much more

grand mafia codes

Welcome to the gangster underworld! The Grand Mafia game is a strategy game specially designed for mobile phones. You and your gang need to capture key locations in the city, conquer other gangs, and climb up global charts. The best part? You get to date the ladies of your choice! Choose between two game modes: story mode or sandbox mode

The Grand Mafia Codes 2022

The developers of Grand Mafia have decided to make free code programs available. These codes can be used to unlock premium items within the game, along with diamonds and other resources. Redeem codes to receive the following bonuses: 2,000 FREE diamonds! 5,000 FREE gold! 2 months of VIP membership! Unlock 4,000 additional construction materials!

we update the Grand Mafia Cheats regularly. we remove expired codes and update new codes. you can visit  our website regularly for new codes. These codes are for a specific time period, so redeem these codes as soon as possible to get your rewards. The grand mafia codes 2022 list is given below.

The Grand Mafia Cheat Codes 2022

The list of all latest The grand mafia cheat codes 2022 is given below. Redeem these codes by the redeeming process given below and enjoy! Random Cheat Codes are provided to players so they can get access to extra resources, speed-ups and many other in-game rewards.

The list of all new redemption codes is given below

AshuAR2208 – Redeem this Grand Mafia Cheat Code for 200 Gold x1, 5K Underboss EXP x2, and 30-Min Investment Speed-Up x2 in the game.

1zongzi4 – Use this Grand Mafia Redeem Code to get x5 Handcuffs, x2 5K Underboss EXP, x1 25% Metal Production Boost, and x1 5K Training Expander in the game.

5Pfinstern23 – Redeem this Grand Mafia Code to get x1 Stamina Drink, x2 15-Min Investment Speed-Up, and x1 Fireworks in the game.

Beginnthier – Use this Grand Mafia Redemption Code to get 100 Gold, Liquor x5, Handcuffs x5, and Shackles x5 in the game.

Eisessen – Redeem this Grand Mafia Gift Code and receive free exclusive rewards in the game.

En6fants1 – Use this Grand Mafia Cheat in the game to get 200 Gold, x2 15m Speedup, and x1 1K Training Expander.

hegem0ny – Redeem this Grand Mafia Cheat Engine to get Equipment Crate, Speed-up x1, and 25% Armor Production Boost x1 in the game.

indday21 – Use this Grand Mafia Promo Code in the game and get 200 Gold, 100 VIP Points, and 10-Min Training Speed-Up x3.

Intwomensday – Use this Grand Mafia Cheat Code and get 60-Min Investment Speed-Up x1, Gold x100, and 300 Enforcer EXP x2.

Jade666 – Redeem the Grand Mafia Redeem Code and get x1 Narc Dealer Crate, x1 25% Cash Boost, and x10 Shackle in the game.

Jewel1pack – Use the Grand Mafia Redemption Code for Faction Task Restter x2, 50K Cargo x1, and 50K Metal in the game.

Juil1et4 – Redeem this cheat code for the Grand Mafia game to get 200 Gold x1, Fireworks x3 and 1-Hr Speed-Up x1.

MafiaPate – Use this redemption code for the Grand Mafia to get 100 Gold, x1 1 Hour Speed-Up and x10 Handcuffs in the game.

Veranit008 – Redeem this Grand Mafia Free Gold code to get free Equipment Crate Redemption Coupon x2 in the game

mafia1eto – Use this code in the Grand Mafia Game to get a free 1-Hr Investment Speed-Up x2 and other rewards.

6DBFestival3 – Redeem this Grand Mafia Gift Code to get free 200K Diamonds x1 in the game.

KissDayTGM – Redeem this Grand Mafia Game code to get free 300 Enforcer EXP x1 and other free rewards.

muguet16 – Use the Grand Mafia Cheats to get free Fireworks x2 and Snowman Prank x2 rewards in the game.

cnmannemtgm – Redeem this Grand Mafia Promo code in the game and get free 1-Hr Speed-Up x2 and other free rewards.

d1atrabaj0888 – Redeem the Grand Mafia Free Gold no Survey code to get free 10-Min Training Speed-Up x1 in the game.

ShowaDay – Use the Grand Mafia Best Enforcer code and get free 10-Min Investment Speed-Up x1, and 200 Gold x1 in the game.

7eastermafia7 – Redeem the Grand Mafia Cheats for Gold in the game to get free exclusive rewards.

Grandmafiaptbr – Redeem the Grand Mafia Code 2022 in the game to get free exclusive rewards.

Welcome – Use these Redemption Codes for the Grand Mafia Game and get free x100 VIP, x100 Gold, and x3 Minute Speed Up.

How to redeem The Grand Mafia Redemption Codes 2022?

The redemption process is very simple. You can redeem a grand mafia code by the process given below.

  • Firstly download The Grand Mafia game on your device.
  • on the top left side of screen there will be an Avatar/ profile option. Click on it
  • Now Click setting option
  • Now click Redemption code
  • Now copy any the grand mafia code from this website
  • paste that code in the box having a text “enter a redemption code”
  • Now click the “Exchange”  button and get your reward.

grand mafia codes

How can you acquire new Grand Mafia game codes?

On their social media pages, including Grand Mafia Reddit, Grand Mafia Facebook, Grand Mafia Instagram, Grand Mafia Twitter, and Grand Mafia Discord, developers publish fresh Grand Mafia Promo Codes. Developers usually provide promotional codes in conjunction with noteworthy occasions like festivals and collaborations. We will update this page as brand-new promotional codes become available.

The Grand Mafia Gameplay

The Grand Mafia game for mobile phones is a strategy game that you can enjoy anywhere! You play as a gangster and have to conquer the world! Play against other players in real time, build your mafia empire and date the ladies you like. Don’t miss out on this travel fantasy through real-life cities! The grand mafia game is also available on google Play store and Apple store


The Grand Mafia Codes are the hottest new way to get unlimited resources from Grand Mafia (these codes can be redeemed on any platform), and with more than 20 million of them being sold every month, you’re not going to want to miss out on this chance to get the most out of your game. With that in mind, I have written a guide for retrieving these codes for free! i have provided here all the Grand Mafia Cheats.

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