Dysthymic Depression

Dysthymic disorder is a depressed depression such as absorption or depression. But it includes physical symptoms such as lack of interest, strength, sleep and concentration.

This disease is called depression. These symptoms can not happen every day. Unlike patients with MDD, hysterical patients do not, they can still work and do not seem sick. But many are not aware of “normality” or “happiness” for a long time.

On the other hand, the disorder of the right-hander is reduced by the driver and motivation. Therefore, relatives and friends intend to misinterpret the person’s state of mind. Some patients endure resistance and resistance with care or negligence.

Over time, the function of patients with this disease is obstructed. But as they usually appear, the disease can not be identified and patients do not receive early treatment. Many times they do not go to the psychiatrist.

Patients experience emotional confusion. In fact, some of the most incompatible patients are called severe depression. Patients are at risk of “double depression” (confusion of imbalance and predominant depression) that indicate that they are a threat to themselves and have been actively weakened. Nowadays, mental hospitalization is required.

A dysthymic disorder is a serious health problem that must be diagnosed and treated promptly. It is a disease that is hidden from everyone, including patients and patients.

It can be treated through deformities, antibiotics and psychiatry. Many patients respond to treatment. At the same time, there are at least some people who can respond. Therefore, this disease can be more challenging than any other person.

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