Creativity and Bipolar Disorder

From the beginning, man has identified the connection between intellectual, creative and mental illness. For example, these people were portrayed as films in books and books, and a night and evening worker in his laboratory works as a sailor who does not waste time in creative work. According to the researchers, there were a number of creative genres suffering from bipolar disorder. The cause of Bipolar’s development of this creative potential is associated with the nature of the disease. One of the characteristics of the gem is an increase in creative, mental and physical strength. They were able to create the capacities of these people and separate their concentrated periods for those tasks.

Virginia Woolf, the novelist, produced the first amount of novelties for these innovative sitarios. Sylvia Play was surprised by the natural movements associated with bipolar disorders. It is believed that Ludwig van Beethoven, musician and composer, suffers from bipolar disorder.

The performance of Southern Bell Scarlet O’Hara with sackcloth was publicized. Actress Vivien Lee suffered from bipolar disorder. At that time, the treatment was administered despite the disease and vibration therapy.

Pada Vincent van Gogh was also reported bipolar disorder. Stryry painted many of his most beloved paintings at night, and Van Gogh was in psychological protection to deal with his emotional and mental state of mind.

Any person with bipolar disorder does not create the artistic or literary work of a person, and has a high percentage of artists and writers in a bipolar. The unstable emotional bipolar irregularity? One day we can definitely get the answer.

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