Cheat Codes of Dude Theft Wars & Beginner’s Guide 2022

D Cheat Codes of Dude Theft Wars APK are described here. keep reading this article to get these cheats codes.

Dude Theft Wars Cheats 2022

Dude Theft Wars is an Android-based role-playing game. It’s a satire of the Grand Theft Auto video game series, and it’s available on Google Play. Dude Theft Wars is a game developed by Poxel Studios that allows users to perform quests, fight in battles, and explore an open world area.

Cheat Codes of Dude Theft Wars APK Complete List

he following is a list of Dude Theft Wars cheat codes.

  • Moongravity: It helps to fly like no gravity.
  • Heytaxi: It brings cars near you.
  • Dudekong: It explodes the cars around you.
  • Nosforever: It increases your car speed.
  • Suppahotslap: It is for fire purpose and kills people around you.
  • Antdude: It helps you make small, as an ant.
  • Day: this code changes the time into morning.
  • Giantdudes: It helps to grow in size like a Giant.
  • Night: this code changes the time into night.
  • Carboom: this code allow The player to destroy cars
  • Cashcash999999: This Cheat Code is to get unlimited amount of money in Dude Theft Wars.
  • Evening: this code changes the time into evening.
  • Dudebolt
  • Crowd 99
  • Popoplz

The Method to use Cheat Codes of Dude Theft Wars

  • To begin, start the game and go to the left of the screen to the Phone symbol.
  • Within the game, you’ll find settings similar to those found on a regular cell phone, including a Cheats.exe feature.
  • Fill in the blanks with the cheat code.

Dude Theft Wars APK – Beginner’s Guide

As the game begins, your character, Jack, is tasked with rescuing Richie from prison in order to demonstrate that you can work as part of a team; other characters have different weapons. The Grove Street neighbourhood looks a lot like the Grove Street neighbourhood in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Developers Dude Theft Wars have yet to reveal a third character.

You can utilise cheats in the Dude Theft Wars game to obtain vehicles, guns, and other equipment with which to complete objectives. Cheat codes might help you have more fun and get more done in your game.

How to acquire a lot of money In Dude Theft Wars APK

There are no quick fixes for making money, but there are techniques to increase your earnings. One of these methods is to use Dude Theft Wars MOD APK. You will have unlimited money and be able to make as much as you desire with the aid of this software. Don’t worry about automobiles if you want to make money in Dude Theft Wars. Varying cars will have different pricing, and selling them will be a simple way for you to make money.


Dude Theft Wars,” a game akin to “Grand Theft Auto,” is one of the most popular Android apps. There are various cheat codes in this game that might assist gamers in completing specific tasks quickly. Above you will find a list of all cheat codes. The list of Dude theft wars cheat codes can be found here.

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