Can wearing tight clothes during pregnancy harm the baby?

I remember my pregnant mother. She worked with my father’s jeans and work pants throughout his pregnancy. At that time she was poor enough to buy her and she did not have maternity clothes. Remember, in her 30 years, wearing maternity clothes have bought a bomb.

But if you walk around the mall, you’ll see three or four types of maternity clothes tailored to the particular needs of the pregnant woman. What about online maternity homes because the Internet and the Internet are so sweet nowadays? Many Internet cables are hurrying, and that represents only half a million legitimate maternal reserves.

And it’s amazing … Yes, they make money! Why was I surprised?

One simple thing … My mother (your mother) and my grandmother (and your grandmother) do not need to wear maternity clothes, but in reality, pregnant women really need maternal clothes. We live in an era completely different from their time. Our pregnancy needs can not be compared to meet our needs. These rules are no longer applicable.

If you are pregnant, are you wondering if you need to wear new maternity clothes? There are some tips on buying maternity for you.

Buy good maternity clothes for at least 3 pregnancies

As I said, motherhood is not really cheap these days, maternal clothing can only be used for nine months of pregnancy and maybe a month or two later. When shaping, place these expensive clothes or lined linings with cellophane tape.

So, wear a maternity garment of unique and unique quality. You wear maternity clothes only when you are about to go out. When you sail casually and at home, wear change of clothes or do not want to look, you can buy big sweaters, t-shirts, shoes or rugs. It works!

You do not need casual maternity clothes. In my books, it’s oxymoron. Maternal clothes can then be painted with breast milk

If your child will give birth after the end of your pregnancy, consider getting dressed … to wear clothes to breastfeed / breastfeed. Now, getting dressed materially, nursing does not make a profit. Do we need to wear what we need to wear maternity? Yes, sometimes we will do it. When I meet friends or I go shopping, I have beautiful dresses to dress. In other cases, I wore t-shirts with holes to easily access my wings! Yes, it’s fun, but at home, who’s waiting?

If you can wear good maternity clothes later, go for it! Your money is worth it.

Maternity clothes

Most maternity users sleep while planning maternity clothes – the choice is bad. Most are flowers, spiral spirals, protective welds, or sometimes bears or bears. Forget them! If you buy the maternity, then you have to look good. If maternal clothing is simple, it’s better to look like bosom.

The fact is, although you need something, you have to watch events and events … And you do not have to help wearing maternity clothes with big orange and yellow flowers.

Of course, in my opinion, you have your own opinion about maternity clothes.



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